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BAI World Pvt.Ltd is an software based marketing company.BAI World Pvt.Ltd is a linked up company of SSS Global Link Sdn Bhd which is a Bangladesh Malaysia joint venture Company .Basically SSS Global Link Sdn Bhd is an software development company & BAI World Pvt.Ltd is an software based marketing company. From the year of 2015 to 2017, we have made our most powerful software by lots of hardworking of many people. We are providing 100% data security of your organization with Super Security Server” (SSS) and our organization are working relentlessly to provide 100% data protection in this company.

We are an online-based software company and going to deliver our service to the focused area of the market. We are providing a free web site & school management software services (without any registration fee) to the educational institutions like-kinder garden schools, madrasas and colleges for 3 years.

The another service we are providing is, the “SMS Alert System”, which is launching first time in Bangladesh through our company, for the educational institutions like-kinder garden schools, madrasas and colleges. Our main objective is to provide various types of educational institution’s related information to different schools, colleges, madrasas and all kinds of educational institutions in the all district of Bangladesh. Bangladesh government has taken multitalented steps for Digital Bangladesh. It is a dream of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) department of government and we are working to fulfill of this dream.

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BaiWorld is a IT company

Planning in public policy

Public policy planning includes environmental, land use, regional, urban and spatial planning.

Public policy planning includes environmentalland useregionalurban and spatial planning. In many countries, the operation of a town and country planning system is often referred to as "planning" and the professionals which operate the system are known as "planners".

It is a conscious as well as sub-conscious activity. It is "an anticipatory decision making process" that helps in coping with complexities. It is deciding future course of action from amongst alternatives. It is a process that involves making and evaluating each set of interrelated decisions. It is selection of missions, objectives and "translation of knowledge into action." A planned performance brings better results compared to an unplanned one. A manager's job is planning, monitoring and controlling. Planning and goal setting are important traits of an organization. It is done at all levels of the organization. Planning includes the plan, the thought process, action, and implementation. Planning gives more power over the future. Planning is deciding in advance what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and who should do it. This bridges the gap from where the organization is to where it wants to be. The planning function involves establishing goals and arranging them in logical order. A well planned organization achieve faster goals than the ones that don't plan before implementation.

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Md Zahid Ali

Managing Director

BAI World (Pvt) Ltd.

Tropical Saleh Tower, 6th Floor,
27 Atish Diponkar Road, Sabuj Bugh, 
Boddhmondir, Dhaka- 1214.
Mobile :- 01715762090
Phone :- 02- 7274484

Email : baiworldltd@gmail.com, sssgloballink@gmail.com

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